Sports betting, casino games, and even the lottery are available online these days. The convenience and the ability to place bets anywhere at any time has resulted in most avid gamblers turning to online betting. This has led to more bookies and agents who want your business. Many of these agents are new and not credible.

This is why you should try Malaysia’s best online betting agent Bet888win and make some profit with us!

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    Why Bet with Bet888win

    Bet888win is a trusted online betting and casino agent in Malaysia. With more than 10 years of experience in the online betting industry, we provide our services to Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. There are many reasons why you should choose us:

    Bet888win is a well-known and established name in the industry.
    Customer orientedCustomer oriented
    We understand that some customers prefer to be able to withdraw their money daily. This is why daily withdrawal is available without extra charge.
    Speedy withdrawalsSpeedy withdrawals
    Many are often frustrated when it comes to withdrawing their money. Our members receive winnings on time without any delay.
    Our customer service is top notch and very efficient. They are available to help our clients resolve any issues or queries they may have through email and live chat.
    Today’s world is often hectic. Here at Bet888win, we understand that convenience can help our customers simplify their life. This is why we accept multiple payment methods including transfers from your local banks.
    As a testament to our excellent service throughout the years, we have hundreds of outstanding reviews from our clients who have experienced our services.
    To reward our loyal customers, Bet888win often has special promotions and attractive prizes to improve your gaming experience.
    How to Open an Account
    To open an account, start chatting with our live chat operator or email your contact number to for a quick response.
    Our agents will contact you via SMS to walk you through the depositing procedure.
    Once we accept the full amount of deposit, we will create an account for you.
    The minimum is RM100 to open a new account and Rm50 for top ups.
    A 15% welcome bonus will be credited to your new account.
    You can now start betting with your account.
    Request your winnings before 8pm daily. You will generally receive the money 15 to 30 minutes after your request.
    Deposit Withdrawals
    First deposits for new members
    First deposits for new members
    For those depositing for the first time, please email us your contact number at for further instructions.
    Deposits for existing members
    Deposits for existing members
    For our existing members, please SMS or call the number we contacted you with for instant deposits.
    Daily withdrawal
    Daily withdrawal
    Members who want to make a withdrawal can SMS the number we contacted you with. Send us the amount you wish to withdraw and your bank details before 2pm (GMT+8). After 2pm, the credits will be brought forward to the next day. All transactions will be settled by 8pm (GMT+8).
    All our rules and regulations apply to all Bet888win members. We do not tolerate any scammers. If found, we will provide the evidence, terminate the account, and blacklist the person involved.