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Online Roulette

No casino game is more mysterious than the roulette. The rules are very simple to learn, but the depth of choices is impressive. Indeed, it’s not all black and red when it comes to online roulette, and those of you who are aware of this stand a good chance to turn a tremendous profit while playing.Phenomenal roulette streaks are depicted in countless films and TV series, and that’s because they are some of the most thrilling moments bettors can experience on the casino floor. At Bet888Win, we offer a similar experience through our roulette online in Malaysia. If you’re a fan of the game, you can get started right away. The registration is simple and quick and any deposit you make will be processed in real time.


The online roulette you’ll find on our casino site is a variation of European roulette. If you’re a beginner, two things will draw your attention – a small wheel with 36 numbers, one 0, and sometimes one 00, and the table, which depicts the same numbers in their respective colors and positioned in certain groups.

Everything you see on the table of our roulette in Malaysia is a possible betting option for you. In essence, you can wager on any of the numbers depicted on the roulette, on groups of numbers, and on certain details about the numbers, such as, for instance, whether they are black or red.

Once you have placed your bet, you’re ready to spin the wheel. A small ball will be sent into the moving roulette and it will eventually land on a number. If the result corresponds with your bet, then you win the round. Your exact profit depends on the type of bet that you place.


The hardest prediction to make in online roulette is guessing which exact number the ball will land on after the spin. This is called a “straight up” bet, it pays 35:1 if you win, and, as such, it is the most profitable wager in the game.

If, however, you don’t feel lucky enough to venture an exact guess, you can choose groups of two (splitting bet), three (street bet), four (corner bet), and six (six-line betting) numbers. If the ball lands on any number in the group of your choice, you win the wager, although the profits are smaller with each additional number.

Finally, when you play our roulette in Malaysia, you can also wager on the color of the number, its parity, and the wider numerical interval it belongs to.


Playing roulette in Malaysia has never been easier or more profitable than it is today. All you have to do to get started is to register at Bet888Win and make your first deposit. Once these first two steps are complete, you’ll gain access to tens of roulette games both on our platform and on the online casino sites from Malaysia of our partners. Everything that’s left to do is to choose the game you like best.

Meanwhile, we will ensure that all of your transactions are secure as you play roulette online in Malaysia. Your transfers will all be processed in real time and your data will be kept private on our site thanks to our military-grade 128-bit encryption algorithm.

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