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Do Not Bet On Underdog And Some Other Soccer Betting Tips

Sports betting simply refers to the act of placing bets on a sports event, usually with real money. When it comes to sports betting, there is no game more popular than the soccer. Millions of punters around the world are actively involved in soccer betting, online and offline.

A sportsbook is a bookmaker that makes bets on sports on your behalf with your money. Thanks to online sportsbook sites, it is now easier than ever to bet on your favourite sports events from around the globe.

Tips To Win Soccer Bets

Before we start with the tips for winning a soccer bet, let’s first discuss the basics of placing a soccer bet.

Soccer betting is allowed by almost every major online sportsbook. The options, however, can differ from one website to another. Some of the most common soccer betting options include spread betting, money line bets, Asian Handicap, and parlays. The winning (and losing) odds will depend on the type of the bet as well as on the sportsbook you are using to make that bet. Different sports betting sites may even offer different odds on the same market. Therefore, your aim is to choose a good online sportsbook Malaysia agent with the best possible odds.

The most important thing in soccer betting is the winning strategy. How you win or whether you will win a bet depends on a number of things, including the agent you choose, how well you understand the game, the teams or players on which you are betting, and more.

When placing a wager on your favourite soccer team or player, you have to make a prediction, depending on the type of bet and the betting market. Making a prediction is usually easier in sports betting since there are real players whom you can judge by their past performances and abilities. However, you should know all about the team and the players to be able to make the right predictions. Here are some more tips to help you improve your winning odds in soccer betting

Avoid Betting on Underdog

A soccer game will have two teams. The more popular team, with better winning probability, is known as the favourite, while the team with low winning probability is known as the underdog. There are three possible outcomes in a soccer game – Home Win, Draw, or Away Win. Home Win refers to the favourite team winning the match, while the Away team refers to the Underdog.

Most bookmakers will offer better odds and higher payouts for the underdog team in order to compel more bettors to bet on the team. However, the winning probability of that team is lower than the favourite team. So, if you bet on the underdog and manage to win, the payout will be much high, but the probability of that happening is low. This is why it is usually recommended to avoid betting on the underdog.

On the other hand, if you bet on a favourite team and if your team wins, which is the most likely outcome, you will win relatively smaller payout. However, the probability is much higher in this case.

Research Before You Bet

Before you start betting on a game, you should try to find out everything you can about the game to be able to make the best possible betting predictions and choose the best markets. The things you should know about include but are not limited to the teams (their strengths, weaknesses, past performances, performance in the particular field, current playing squad, injured players, top players, and more), the players, and the field conditions.

You can find all this and more on the online blogs about sports tips and guides. Also, make sure to check the score tally of the playing teams, previous matches and results between the two teams, etc.

Shop Around For The Right Online Sportsbook

An online sports betting site is better than a traditional sportsbook for many reasons. They offer you the most competitive odds, free bets and other promotional offers, bonuses, multiple payment options, easy and fast deposits and withdrawals, and more.

Instead of just staying with the very first website you find online, you should shop around and try to find a bookmaker that offers the best odds for the particular market you want. Also, check for offers like free bets and sign up bonuses on these sites.

Some other things to look for include the payment options available on the website, coverage of sports bettings markets, sports and events, deposit and withdrawal options, customer service, etc.

Spread Your Bets

Instead of wagering all your money on a single bet, you should rather spread it across multiple bets. This may not increase your winning payout but will surely reduce your losing probability. When you are betting on multiple games or markets, you have more probability of winning at least some of the bets, and so you will not lose much even if you do not manage to win anything.

Another good sports idea is to bet on a parlay. A parlay bet involves betting on a group of teams/events rather than on a single event. When you are betting on multiple things, the payout gets higher in proportion to the number. However, the probability of winning a parlay bet is not much. You can increase your chances by keeping fewer selections in your parlay.

Apart from the obvious ones, there are some unusual tips that might help you win more of your soccer bets. Rather than betting on the usual markets, you should consider betting on the less obvious yet equally profitable markets. Before you start betting on soccer, make sure that you understand the markets, the odds, and the game. Rather than betting with your heart, you should instead bet with your mind.

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